What Does the Parent Council Do?

According to the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, the first duty of the Council is to represent the views of the parents at the school.  The duties of a Parent Council are not laid down in legislation so it is up to each Parent Forum to decide what they want their PC to do.  This should be detailed in the constitution.  There are many things a Parent Council could get involved in, including:

  • Supporting the work of the school, for example, by advising the school on its policies
  • Being involved in the appointment of senior staff
  • Organising social and fundraising events
  • Promoting contact between all parents and the rest of the school community
  • Discussing anything that’s of interest to parents

Helpful Documents from the Scottish Parent Teacher Council

A User’s Guide To A Parent Council

What is Curriculum For Excellence

Useful Links

  • Scottish Parent Teacher Council – SPTC is the national organization for parents’ groups in Scottish schools.  They offer help and advice to all parents.
  • National Parent Forum of Scotland – The NPFS was set up to give Parent Councils and Parents an opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues of mutual interest or concerns at a national level.
  • ParentZone – a useful site for all parents and carers.