Meetings and Minutes

NWSS Parent Council  2023-2024

AGM and Regular Meeting – 20 September 2023

PC meeting minutes 20th September 2023

NWSS Parent Council 2022-2023

AGM and Regular Meeting – 14 September 2022

PC meeting minutes 14th September 2022

NWSS Parent Council 2021-2022

Minutes – 10 November 2021

PC meeting minutes 10th Nov 2021

Minutes – 29 September 2021

PC ordinary meeting minutes 29th Sept 2021

AGM Minutes – 29 September 2021

PC 2021 AGM minutes

NWSS Parent Council 2020-2021

Extra-ordinary Parent Council Meeting 29 April 2021

PC minutes 24th Feb 21

AGM Minutes – 19 September 2020

AGM Minutes 16.9.20

Minutes – 19 September 2020


Head Teacher’s Report 16.9.20


Parent Council 2017-2019

The first Parent Council meeting for the Associated Schools Group took place on 21 November 2017 and the executive elected.  The ASG Parent Council represents all four schools in the ASG and replaces the Parent Councils of the individual schools.

The Parent Council meets four times a year unless the members decide to call an extra meeting in response to particular issues.  The Annual General Meeting is held in September.

Meetings are informal and all parents are welcome to attend.  If you have items of concern that you wished raised at the meeting, please contact the Secretary Christine MacKenzie.

email: 01971 521906 (days) 01971 521301 (evenings)

NWSS Minutes – 2018/2019 (formerly ASG)

Meeting – 5 June 2019

NWSS Parent Council Minutes 5 June 2019 and Head Teacher Report

Meeting – 18 September 2018

The new North West Sutherland Schools (NWSS) has been adopted as the official name of the cluster of schools that was formerly called the Associated School Group (ASG).


Head Teacher Report – September 2018 

Annual General Meeting – 18 September 2018

AGM 18 September 2018

ASG Minutes – 2017/2018

ASG Minutes 23 May 2018

ASG Minutes 21 March 2018

Head Teacher’s Reprt 21 March 2018


The First Parent Council Meeting of the New ASG

The first Parent Council meeting for the Associated Schools Group took place on 21 November 2017 and the executive elected.

Election of Officers:

Chair Richard Flannery
Vice-Chair Selena Campbell
Treasurer Iona Shaw
Secretary Christine MacKenzie (co-opted member)

First Meeting 

Click the links below for the minutes of the three meetings held on 21 September 2017 – the initial meeting of parents that set out the details of forming a Parent Council for the ASG,  the first Annual General Meeting and the first meeting of the ASG Parent Council.  Also below are links to two reports given at that meeting – the Head Teacher’s Report and a report on the recent high school trip to Vancouver.


ASG Annual General Meeting Minutes  21.11.17

ASG Parent Council Minutes 21.11.17

ASG Head Teachers Report

Report on Vancouver Field Trip October 2017