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Adverse Weather Guidance  October 2021

20 09 08 Ventilation 9 September 2020

Coronavirus – Jason Leitch Letter on testing and common colds – 31 August 2020

2020 Deputy First Minister Letter (31 August 2020)

COVID-19 – FAQs for NHS Highland area schools


Return to School August 20 HS

Letter to Parents End of Term

What is Coronavirus?  A Guide for Parents Explaining Coronavirus to Children and Young People

We have prepared an information guide for parents who may be faced with answering questions about coronavirus.  It contains several pages of links that are particularly relevant for young children as well as some general Scottish information links.

What Is coronavirus

A List of Acronyms Used in Scottish Education 2019

A List of Acronyms Used in Scottish Education 2019

S1-S3 Learning Grids

Learning Grids S1-S3

Draft Behaviour Policy May 2019

Positive Behaviour Policy Draft May 2019


Restorative Discussions

Restorative Discussions May 2019


Curriculum for Excellence

What is Curriculum for Excellence