2020 End of Year Staff Videos for Pupils – Main Video and P4 Video

The theme for this year was Message in a Bottle.

Some of you might have noticed that there is a message for P1-P3 and one for P5-7.  What happened to P4?  The long answer is that P4s are sometimes juniors and sometimes seniors depending on the individual school and somehow  P4s have slipped through the net.  But never mind, a separate video has been created for P4.


The videos are hosted on Vimeo and may be downloaded by viewing it on the Vimeo page and pressing the Download button.

General Video:

P4 Video:   


Dry Stone Walling in KLB

Dylan and Ross appeared in this excerpt from Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs which was televised on 7 October 2019. They were learning the skills of Dry Stone Walling with George Gunn of Thurso who is a Master Drystone Waller.

Dry Stone Walling in KLB from Marg Meek on Vimeo.