Staff List

North West Sutherland Schools

Head Teacher
Graeme Smart email at:
Deputy Head Teacher Job Share
Aileen MacDonald email at:
Katy Lee email at:


Kinlochbervie High School


Principal Teachers
Heather Paterson
  • PT Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Education
Cle Jarvis
  • PT Support for Learning
Neil Galbraith
  • PT Management
  • English
Kirsty Bond
  • PT Management
  • Biology and Chemistry
Other Teaching Staff (By Subject)
Diana Bain
  • Business Management
Alex Alzolar
  • Modern Languages¬†
Allan Cunningham
  • Technical Subjects and Maritime Skills
Sarah Lockhart
  • Music and Drama
Joshua Keitany
  • Maths and Physics
Heidi Majanen
  • History and Modern Studies
Rowan Watkins
  • Geography and Modern Studies
Gail Ross
  • Learning Support
Lesley Strachan (maternity cover)
  • Art and Design
Angela Smart
  • Numeracy/Literacy
Other Staff
Sandy Wregg
  • Instructor Chanter and Piping
Anne Wood
  • Instructor Violin
Paula Macleod
  • Admin Team Leader for ASG
Wendy Morrison
  • Clerical Assistant
Margaret Meek
  • Clerical Assistant
Keith Blyth
  • Facilities Management Assistant
Maaike Silcock
  • Science Technician
Anne Morrison
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Sally Czerwik
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Murdoch Jamieson
  • Active Schools Co-ordinator
Cara Cameron
  • Youth Development Officer


Durness Primary School

Katy MacFarlane Teacher
Vacant Pupil Support Assistant
Wendy Morrison Clerical Assistant


Kinlochbervie Primary School

 Heather Davidson Teacher
Abby Forrest Teacher
Katy Lee Teacher
Shona Allison Pupil Support Assistant
Kerry Eastcroft Pupil Support Assistant
Christine Corbett Pupil Support Assistant
Joanne Clark Clerical Assistant


Scourie Primary School

Aileen MacDonald Teacher – Early Years (Nursery/ P1)
Sian Curley Teacher – P2-P7
Krysha Davis Teacher – Early Years (Nursery/P1)
Marianne Hutchison Teacher – Early Years (Nursery/ P1)
Mary Morrison Early Years Practitioner
Kathryn Barnes-Miller Pupil Support Assistant
Selena Campbell Pupil Support Assistant
Amanda Campbell Clerical Assistant
Margaret Meek Clerical Assistant


All Schools – Travelling Teachers

Gail Ross Teacher – Special Needs
Nicola Poole Art Teacher
Anne Wood Strings Instructor
Sandy Wregg  Chanter and Bagpipes Instructor