Staff List

North West Sutherland Schools

Head Teacher
Graeme Smart email at:
Deputy Head Teacher
Aileen MacDonald email at:
Katy Lee email at:


Kinlochbervie High School


Principal Teachers
Heather Paterson
  • PT Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Education
Dan Price-Davis
  • PT Support for Learning and Guidance
Rachel Thackery
  • PT Management
  • English
  • Drama
Other Teaching Staff (By Subject)
Diana Bain
  • Business Management
Rodrigo Sisdeli
  • Spanish
Allan Cunningham
  • Technical Subjects and Maritime Skills
Rachel Teague
  • Music
Joshua Keitany
  • Maths and Physics
Rachel Whiteley
  • Science 
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
Sara Pintado-Mira
  • Geography
  • History
Gail Ross
  • Learning Support
Lesley Strachan
  • Art and Design (maternity cover)
Murdette Price-Davies
  • Learning Support
Other Staff
Anne Wood
  • Instructor Violin
Cameron MacDougall
  • Chanter & Pipes
Paula Macleod
  • Admin Team Leader for ASG
Wendy Morrison
  • Clerical Assistant
Dorothy Eastcroft
  • Facilities Management Assistant
Maaike Silcock
  • Science Technician
Anne Morrison
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Sally Czerwik
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Shona Allison
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Scott Macrae
  • Active Schools Co-ordinator
Margaret Meek
  • Clerical Assistant – Website


Durness Primary School

Angela Craggs Teacher
Wendy Morrison Clerical Assistant

Durness Nursery School


Leanne McKee Early Years Practitioner
Kristina Coulton Support Worker


Kinlochbervie Primary School

Catriona Maddocks Teacher P1-P4
Abby Forrest Teacher P5-P7
Gail Ross  Learning Support
Murdette Price-Davies  Learning Support
Christine Corbett Pupil Support Assistant
Noeleen Chapman Clerical Assistant
Wendy Morrison Clerical  Assistant

Kinlochbervie Nursery School

Gladys Kipchumba Early Years Practitioner
Iona Harper-Reynoldson Support Worker


Scourie Primary School


Krysha Davis Teacher (P1-P3)
Sian Curley Teacher (P4-P7)
Karen Wade Teacher (P4-P7)
Gail Ross Learning Support
Kathryn Barnes-Miller Pupil Support Assistant
Amanda Ross Clerical Assistant
Margaret Meek Clerical Assistant


Scourie Nursery School


Selena Campbell Early Years Practitioner
Lynzi Montgomery Early Years Worker


All Schools – Travelling Teachers

Gail Ross Teacher – Special Needs
Nicola Poole Art Teacher
Anne Wood Strings Instructor
Cameron MacDougall Chanter & Pipes