Pupil Council

The Pupil Council is made up of one representative from each of the 3 primary schools (position can be shared) and one representative of each class in the secondary school.  The Council meets once a month – usually on a Wednesday.  Elections for the current session were held in September 2019.

Parent Council 2019-2020

School/Class Name
Durness PS Ashleigh Campbell
Kinlochbervie PS Rona MacLeod
Scourie PS Euan Cherry/Miah Bentley
S1 Harvey MacDonald
S2 Leo MacDonald
S3 Rebecca Corbett
S4 Ellis Munro
S5 Roan Munro
  • Caitlin Corbett
  • Michelle Ross
  • Gemma Flett
  • Tom Flannery

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Message to Pupils:

Pupil Council is your chance to have a greater say over the things that affect you in school.  It gives you the chance to tell teachers and staff your ideas and represents each year group in school. It allows you to be involved in decisions that affect you, keeps you informed about the life of the school and helps you to gain confidence to have your say. It can also help you to feel good about your place in the school community by giving you responsibilities and encourages active citizenship. Our P6/7 reps will be able to pass on any issues our primary pupils have when they come together on Wednesdays in the high school but also any issues they have in their own schools. They can then pass these on to their own teachers in the individual schools or at the monthly meetings in the high school.

If you have any issues, concerns or suggestions about what you would like to see happen, see changed or not see happen in the school please put it in writing to your rep who will bring it up at the next meeting .  Reps please speak to your classes and come with issues and possible solutions too.


Meeting Schedule

25 September 2019 9.45am Open Area
30 0ctober 2019 2.10pm Open Area
27 November 2019 9.45am Open Area
18 December 2019 2.10pm Open Area
29 January 2020 9.45am Open Area
26 February 2020 2.10pm Open Area
25 March 2020 9.45am Open Area
29 April 2020 2.10pm Open Area
27 May 2020 9.45 Open Area
24 June 2020 2.10pm Open Area