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It’s Here – Leavers’ Video 2020

We may be in lockdown but the staff have coordinated their efforts on this year’s leavers’ video. Many thanks to Miss Lockhart who had the challenging task of putting the clips together. Some of you might notice that there is no mention of P4 – this is because P4s are sometimes juniors and sometimes seniors and somehow you P4s have slipped through.  But never mind, you have your own video (see separate post).

The video is hosted on Vimeo and may be downloaded by viewing it on the Vimeo page and pressing the Download button:

Important: School Closures

Message from Graeme Smart, Head Teacher:

As you will be aware the First Minister announced today that all Scottish schools will close from Friday 20 March. We are currently planning the provision of education via chromebooks and other devices and will provide as much information as possible over the next few days. The situation is changing almost by the hour at present but we will do everything we can to continue our pupil’s education and to keep you and the whole school community informed of any developments. I would urge all pupils where at all possible to come to school for the rest of this week to ensure that we are all as prepared as possible for what may well be a long term period of closure.