Dates for the Diary – February and March


Date Event Other
February 2022
21/22 February Holidays
23 February Inset Day
23 February Parent  Council Meeting 6.00 pm
March 2022
2 March Pupil 2nd COVID vaccinations 11 am – 2 pm
3 March S3-S6 Reports to Parents
9 March DTPM Vaccinations S3/S4 & Catch-Up
16 March
  • S2-S5 Course Choices
  • Parents’ Evening
24 March Tempest Photographer for all NWSS from 9 am
28 March- 1 April Book Fair

Adverse Weather – January 2022

  • If the school is closing early for any reason including adverse weather, we will endeavour to make contact with all parents via telephone.  We will also post on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • At all other times such as before school opens, parents should check the Highland Council Schools Messaging Service, the Highland Council website on school closures and/or our Facebook or Twitter pages.  We will  update as soon as we possibly can.  Staff will not be contacting parents from their homes.
  • The schools’ messaging service number and pin is as follows for all North West Sutherland Schools:  0800 564 2272 / Pin Number 04 1130 (pinned to the top of our FB page for easy access).


Adverse Weather

Guidelines for Parents – Travelling to School During Adverse Weather

Guidelines for this winter have been issued.  Please click on the link below to view or download.

Adverse Weather Guidance

The Guidance includes information on the Council’s advice line on closures (updated daily) as well as links for the Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Local schools will also try to contact all parents regarding closure via telephone.  There will also be messages on the North West Sutherland Schools Facebook and Twitter pages.

Extraordinary Parent Council Meeting – 29 April 2021

Staffing Issues: 

An extraordinary meeting  of the Parent Council was held virtually on 20 April 2021 in order to discuss staffing.

Highland Council has reduced the number of teach staff allocated to Kinlochbervie High School.  Using a formula, the high school has only been allocated 7.5 whole time equivalent teachers.  In previous years, the school has always been allocated a better staffing level but Highland Council has refused any increase this year.  The staffing reduction will mean that the school will be able to offer fewer subjects.  The school feels that 9.0 whole time equivalent teachers is required to deliver the curriculum satisfactorily.

Councillors Hugh Morrison and Linda Munro attended the meeting and will take parent concerns back to Highland Council and ask them to reconsider the allocation.  If the request is refused, the parent council will consider whether further action can be taken.

Click the link to view/download the minutes of the meeting.

Extra-ordinary Parent Council Meeting 29-04-21

Date of next meeting:

26 May 2021 at 6.00 pm via Google Meet